Work experience


2005-Present         Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College. Birmingham, UK.

                                   Teacher of Art, Photography and Graphics. Tutor.

1994-2003               Pimlico School.  London, UK.

                                   Art Teacher.  Tutor.

1991-1993                Museum of Contemporary Art.  Sydney, Australia.

                                   Guide.  Assistant – Education Department.

                                   Art Gallery of New South Wales.  Sydney, Australia.

                                   Photography Department.  Assistant to Curator.

1989-1992                The Emanuel School.  Sydney, Australia.

                                    Art and Media Teacher, Form Teacher.

 1987-1988               The Ronin Gallery.  New York City, U.S.A.

                                    Gallery Assistant.

1985-1987                 Duke Ellington School of the Arts.  Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

                                    Teacher Training.

1987                            National Art Teacher Convention (NAEA) Boston, U.S.A.

1986                            Smithsonian Institute.  Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

                                     Internship.   Office of Museum Programmes; Audio-Visual Department.





1997                     “In Passing”.  The Rosemary Branch.  London, UK.

1995                     “Bondi”.  Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney, Australia.



2014                    Ragley Open Art Exhibition.

2014                    Junction Arts Festival

2014                     Secrets, RCA. U.K

2013                     MA Show. Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2013                     Dungeoness. Café 47. Wolverhampton. U.K.

2013                     Secrets, RCA. U.K

2013                     Interim13. The Edge Gallery. Muchwenlock.U.K.

2012                     Junction Arts Festival. Jeans Den.

2012                     IntraMA. Wolverhampton .U.K

2011                      Secrets, RCA. U.K

2010                     Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2009                     Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2009                     Open Studios. Hackney, London.

2008                     Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2008                     Open Studios. Hackney, London.

2007                      Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2006                      Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2005                      Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2005                      Crossroads. University of Wolverhampton

2004                      Secrets, RCA. U.K.

2003                      Hayvend Art Boxes UK

2001                      Hayvend, Art Boxes, U.K.

2000                     “SNAP’ Stoke Newington Library. London.U.K.

1999                      “Cocktails”. The Hat Gallery, Hidden Art of Hackney.  London .U.K.

1998                      “Scraping the Surface”.  The Hat Gallery, Hidden Art of Hackney.  London, UK.

1997                       Venice Biennale, Miniatures.  Venice, Italy.

1997                       “Artefacts”.  The Millinery Works.  Hidden Art of Hackney.  London, UK.

1997                       “Bright Sparks”.  The Rosemary Branch.  London, UK.

1996                        Open Studios.  Southgate Studios.  London, UK.

1996                        Southgate Studios.  Soho House.  London, UK.

1995                        Open Studios.  Southgate Studios.  London, UK.

1995                        “On the Other Hand”.  S.H. Erwin Gallery.  Sydney, Australia.

1992                        “Miniature Show”.  10 Taylor Street Gallery.  Sydney, Australia.

1991                         Annual Student Exhibition.  National Art School (I.T.S.), Sydney, Aust.


  • Work held in private collections in Australia, France, Italy, USA, and the UK


Deborah Stone.





2010 - present

2010 - present



2012-Present         MA Fine Art/ Photography

                                  Wolverhampton University

                                  Wolverhampton , UK.

1983-1987            Bachelor of Arts - Education and Human Development

                               Major: Secondary Education.  Minors: Fine Arts; Art History

                               The George Washington University.  Washington, D.C. U.S.A.

1998-2000              Dali Courses- Animation.  Web Design.  Scriptwriting

                                  Central St Martins.  London, UK

1989-1999              PhotoShop for Apple Macs, NSFE – Video Production Techniques.

                                Westminster College.  London, UK.

1991                        Certificate - Book Making

                                National Art School.  (A.N.U.)  Canberra, Australia

1990-1992               Certificate - Painting

                                   National Art School. (I.T.S.) Sydney, Australia.

1989-1990                Photo II; Photo III; Hand colouring; Photomontage.

                                   Australian Centre of Photography.  Sydney, Australia.

1986                          Certificate - Museum Careers

                                   Smithsonian Institute.  Washington, D.C. U.S.A

1977-1982             High School Certificate.

                                Killara High School.  Sydney, Australia.